Bishop John Sidney Baker and Mother Josephine Baker


On March 26, 1947, Minister Sidney Baker was in bed before daybreak. God told him to get up and write Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church.

On June 6, 1948, the first service of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church was held in a small building on Juliette Street. After God ordained Minister Baker as Bishop and Pastor, he was put through a test. He remained faithful for two years and nine months preaching every Sunday without any members.

In 1962, the church relocated to a small building in the Spring Hill Community of Prattville. The Church moved to several locations. On June 22, 1965, the first service was held in a permanent building at 583 Booth Street in Prattville. God's people began to come from every place and join the church. Sister Annie Pearl Morgan joined and God called her to carry His word. As a reward for her faithfulness in waiting on the Lord, in 1979, Algie Morgan joined the Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church and began to work faithfully for God and he accepted his calling by God to the ministry in 1980. He served as local minister and later as Assistant Pastor.
In 1985, Minister Morgan became pastor, and then Bishop was able to serve fulltime as the Bishop.

The Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church continued to grow in its permanent location. During the decade of the 80's, the membership grew at a rapid pace - The Primary Choir, the Beginners, Primary, and Intermediate classes. The cornerstone for the Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church was laid.

In the 90's, the church began to grow even more. God gave Bishop Morgan a vision to build two churches, a natural and spiritual Church. The ground breaking for the present natural church was held on March 1, 1995 on a hill next door to the current church building. The last service was held in the other church on July 22, 1996.

After 58 years, the Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church still stands for Holiness. The congregation has caught the vision of the Pastor and the vision has come to past. God's Kitchen, Hospital/Nursing Home, Prison, tutoring ministries and more are being birth out of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church. The Holy Spirit lives today in the Father, Son & Holy Ghost Church.

We invite you to visit the "church on the hill." You will be glad you did!